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open up pandora's box

just don't let the hope escape [might not get it back]

Alessa Tatum "Pandora" Adama
31 August 1983
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Alessa Tatum Adama was born to a great military family. Her father was the great William Adama, he is affectionately called "The Old Man" by his crew. Tatum as two older brothers and a half sister. Her oldest sibling is Rebekah Roslin, they share the same father but not the same mother. Her two brothers, however, share both her parents. Lee was one of the best pilots ever to go through the academy on Caprica until Tatum herself came along, betting every record Lee and Kara Thrace ever had. Her other brother Zak died, the funeral was the last time she saw any of her family.

When she was about 16, her parents had been divorce a while and her brothers were gone, she lived with her mother. Her mother was the kind of woman who didn't pay much attention to her children unless she felt the need to be angry and destructive towards them. She wasn't very good to Tatum but she stayed. She always hated her father and brothers for leaving her there.

One good thing came out of her mother's negligence, she took her best friend (who had left home) in. Kasper was a Thrace and she'd known him for a year before he moved into her room. They slept in the same bed and he would hold her after her mother got violent with her or screamed but it was never anything more than friendship.

They both went into the academy on Caprica when they were 17 and finished at 18. They were the best pilots of their class. Tatum insists that she was better as she graduated at the top.

When the attack on the colonies occurred both Kasper and Tatum were on the Battlestar Mythos. They evaded the Cylon's in the sky for nearly a year after the attacks and when the Battlestar was destroyed both Kas and Tate watched from their vipers along with a handful of other pilots. The Cylon's took them in, putting them in a prison camp situation. There were numerous psychological tests performed on them all. They were separated and put back together. They underwent all kinds of tests on the human spirit and pysche. A few pilots died, including Tatum's best friend and Kas's ex girlfriend. She'd be inundated with the idea that the two were together and accused them before she took her own life.

They were told the Galactica was gone, Kas and Tatum hearing specific details of their loved ones deaths.

The last test was being released into the wild of a world that supported human life. They were there two months (being unknowingly watched by the Cylons) when a team from the Galactica came upon them. Helo and Sharon. Immediately Kas and Tate started shouting Cylons but eventually Helo sorted it all out. He recognized Tatum from a picture in Lee's rack.

When the pilots were taken to Galactica they were immediately put in the brig so that they could be looked over. Adama was taking no chances but at the request of Tatum her father and brother were not told she was one of the pilots rescued.

The trial of Giaus Baltar was taking up a lot of the time of the survivors of the 12 colonies. Tatum just needs a break. She's also a little bit crazy right now.

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You're a little bit shy
A little too quiet
You're the mixed up girl
That everybody leaves behind
A little bit weird
A little too bright

But you just might be
That little bomb at their side
They'll pull your hair
They'll leave you wide-eyed
But did anybody wonder
What Annie might have in mind
On, no

There's something in the way she explains to me
"please be careful, I exist in someone else's head"
Oh, no

There's something in the way she makes believe
Please be careful
Annie dreams that everyone is dead

You're a little bit dry
A little up tight
You're the messed up girl
That everybody tries to hide

You've had enough
They're too unkind
But did anyone consider what Annie might have in mind
Oh, no . . .
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