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Alessa Tatum "Pandora" Adama
29 November 2007 @ 02:18 pm
049. TEN questions you will never answer.

1. Do you love him.
2. What happened on that ship?
3. Are you sleeping with him?
4. Do you miss Zack?
5. Do you blame me for Zack's death?
6. What happened to my little girl?
7. Have you talked to your sister?
8. Do you think Kara's a cylon?
9. Are you in love with him?
10. Is there a Tatum without Kasper?

Muse | Tatum "Pandora" Adama
Fandom | Battlestar Galactica [OC]
Alessa Tatum "Pandora" Adama
13 October 2007 @ 02:26 pm
TEN people you've never had a romantic entanglement with.

1. Kasper Thrace
2. Emma Brayden
3. Kara Thrace
4. Three
5. Five
6. Six
7. Marshall Swanson
8. Commander Wallace
9. Captain Martin (the Cag on Mythos)
10. Swink (on the deck crew)

Muse | Tatum "Pandora" Adama
Fandom | Battlestar Galactica [OC]
Alessa Tatum "Pandora" Adama
TEN conversations you've never had.

1. "What happened?" Her father looks down at the bruise across her shoulder as she shrugs the jacket on without so much as a wince.

"Pyramid game got a little rough is all Daddy," She replies with a smile that doesn't reach her eyes. Lee and Zack both look uncomfortable and her father's lips form a frown.

"Tatum Adama ..." He says in that stern voice she knows he must use with his crew.

"The boys treat me like one of them, I'm not some breakable little girl Daddy," She says, not meeting her father's eyes.

"Boys?" He looks at her brothers for some kind of comformation and she pleads with her eyes. Zack and Lee don't have to ask where the bruise is from, when they were her age and William Adama was off being an amazing pilot away from their family they ended up with similar bruises.

"It was mom, Mom did it," Zack speaks up. Tatum gasps, throws her napkin on the table and fleas the restaurant before her father can say a damn thing about it. He left them. Her. They all left her.

2. "Are you in love with Kasper?" Emma's leaning over her rack and looking down as Tatum sketches on a piece of scrap paper.

"He's my best friend, we've known each other forever."

She can practically hear Emma's eye roll.

"That's so not what I asked," Emma sighs and the bunk above Tate shifts as her friend lays down.

"Why are you interested in him or something?" Tatum asks lightly. A strange kind of jealousy creeping into her voice.

"Wow, so that answers the question. You two should just frak already."

3. "Mom. I'm leaving."

4. "Zack, please don't go to flight school just because you think that's what the old man wants."

"I like flying Tate. Besides can you picture the look on Lee's face if I break all his records." Zack grins at her with that big brotherly twinkle in his eyes.

"So you're going to go get in a cockpit just to one up Lee? Come on Zack you should love flying not just like it. You should want to live and breath it! I thought you wanted to write?"

Zack shrugs.

"Don't go Zack, please."


5. "This is my girlfriend, Kara."

Tatum looks over the girl, faint recognition in her eyes. Oh. Kasper's sister.

Zack grins.

"Frak off, both of you."

6. "I blame you."

7. "I love you."

8. "Why are you joining the fleet Tatum? If you hate him so much."

9. "I hate you."

10. "I just want to die, can't you kill me Kasper? I just want to die. I want to go where ever Emma went. Do you think it's nice there? I don't believe in the frakking gods of Kobol but maybe they'll let me be at peace anyway. God Kas, just kill me."

Muse | Tatum "Pandora" Adama
Fandom | Battlestar Galactica Original
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Alessa Tatum "Pandora" Adama
03 September 2007 @ 10:12 am
TEN things you learned as child.

1. Children should be seen and not heard.

2. If a belt is coming at you turn around and let it hit your back, it hurts less than legs, arms or your stomach.

3. How to make the perfect screw driver.

4. Cooking is an essential skill if you don't want to starve.

5. Being an Adama is not all its cracked up to be.

6. You can't count on anyone but yourself. (In Tatum's case there is one exception)

7. Parents are the things you need protection from.

8. Fighting back might frak you up a little when the fist comes at you but at least you aren't taking it.

9. When dad comes to visit you stay quiet and cover your bruises.

10. Siblings are useless. Even if they love you they don't love you enough.

Muse | Tatum "Pandora" Adama
Fandom | Battlestar Galactica (Original Character)
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Alessa Tatum "Pandora" Adama
TEN lives you've never lived/could have lived

1. "Let's just get out of here Kas," She said to him, eyes pleading. He'd been living in her room for two months now and her mother barely noticed him at dinner let alone that he was sleeping in her daughter's bed. She wasn't even sure if her dad would notice if he were still around.

"Where do you want to go?" He asks her and she's so frakking glad that he isn't just dismissing her. Then again he did leave home a few months ago but even so.

"I don't know, Caprica City is big enough to get lost in. We can go somewhere that nobody's heard the names Adama or Thrace," She says seriously and turns her back towards him, she's clinging a towel to her chest and he's cleaning and bandaging her because her mom got a new belt last week she wanted to try out and he wasn't home to deflect her mom.

He did it a lot. Her mother just accepted that he was around all the time and he was around Tatum ended up with less scars.

"Okay," He says and she can hear it in his voice that he's blaming himself.

"You can't be there to protect me all the time Kas," She says softly, closing her eyes and wincing at the attention to her back.

"I can frakking well try."

2. "Mom? What's going on?" Tatum asks as she enters the room where a woman around her mother's age and an even younger woman sit at the kitchen table.

"Tatum, I'm so glad you're home. Remember how I was telling you what a bastard your father is," Her smile is sickening sweet and Tatum can recognize the whiskey in her glass on sight.

The other two woman blanch visibly and clearly weren't expecting anything like that to come from her mother's lips.

Tatum just doesn't say anything, looking at the two woman apologetically.

"Well, This here is his bastard child. Meet your sister Tatum. Rebekah right?" Finally the slur comes back to her mother's voice and Tatum just knows that she's been holding back since they've been there.

She looks at them, for some kind of conformation but they both look horrified.

"I ..." She starts.

"Well I'm off, you all should bond." Her mother states matter-of-factly and leaves the room leaving Tatum to deal with the aftermath.

3. "Kas, I've been thinking," She starts, sitting on her bed with her legs crossed.

"Don't hurt yourself," He says with a lazy smirk back at her but when he sees she's serious he looks up from his book and puts it to the side.

"What's up Tate?"

She bites her lip and isn't entirely sure how to broach this. Kasper is her best friend in the whole frakkin' world. She trusts him more than anyone else and that's why she wants this.

"I think we should have sex," She says after a moment, just coming out with it.

He mouth drops open in shock.

"And It's not like ... I just mean because I trust you and you're my best friend and I don't want to loose it to some guy whose name I'm not going to remember in ten years."

He's still just staring.

"Did I loose you at the word sex there Kas?" She asks sarcastically.

He closes his mouth, "Yeah, something like that. Tate ..."

"No, It's not like some big revealing of feelings I know we're just best friends and we'll always be best friends. I just trust you, you're the only person I trust and I just want to get it over with."

"Gee Tate, when you put it like that ..."

She hits him softly with a laugh. "Okay," He adds after a minute. "Let's have sex."

4. "I'm taking the position on the Galactica," She tells him looking a little scared of his reaction.

"What?" He asks shocked.

"I think it's time to bury the hatchet with my dad."

5. She's thrown into a cell with one other occupant who she stands warily away from right off the bat but then she sees his eyes and immediately crawls across the space and wraps her arms around him. He leans into her touch and lets out a breath of relief.

They sag against each other.

"I thought they killed you," He breathes, clutching to her tightly.

"Yeah, same here," She says back holding him just as tightly.

"I'd die if something happened to you Tate," His hands are on her face and looking at her in the dark.

"I love you."

6. She watches in horror as Eight holds the gun on Emma. After Emma blew up at her and Kasper in a jealous rage the three of them were separated and put into a cell with see through dividers.

Kasper was in the middle. The divider between Kas and Emma was removed as an Eight and a centurion entered. The eight tossed a gun to Emma and held another one to her head.

"Him or yourself," The eight said cooly.

Emma looked up in horror and then she looked at Kas, her eyes flashing to Tatum in anger for a split second. Emma shook her head.

They stood there for a long time before Emma raised the gun towards Kas and pulled the trigger.

Tatum screamed.

7. "How long have the two of you loved each other?" Kara asked.

"Probably forever," Tatum responds without a lot of hesitation.

8. "Where the hell did you get the callsign Pandora?" Emma asked.

She, Kas and Emma were celebrating their first mission on the mythos in the mess hall.

"Oh no, Callsigns are sacred. If you can't figure it out for yourself then I'm not telling," Tatum responded with a laugh.

Kasper's eyes were sparkling. "And neither are you Kas!"

He just grinned shaking his head.

"So how long have the two of you been together?" Emma asked with a raised brow and a slightly disappointed look in her eyes at the prospect of Kas being taken.

"Oh now, Emma, don't you know it's frowned upon in the fleet for Viper Pilots to fraternize?" Kasper asked with an amused look.

Emma just rolled her eyes.

"How long?" She asks again.

"Two years," Kas responds winking at Emma and then pulling Tatum to her feet and towards the pilot's racks.

9. "I'm tired," She whispers but the light is so harsh she can't seem to close her eyes.

"Just a few more questions Alessa," The man says in a tone that's meant to be soothing but it send shocks of fear through her body.

"My name is Tatum," She says, her head lulling to the side.

"Alessa Adama. Do you miss your father?"

"My name is Tatum you frakkin' toaster!" She says, yelling at the man.

"Do you miss your father?" He asks again.

"Frak you."

"Do you miss your father?"


10. When she watches the Mytho's explode she feels like a piece of her soul is gone. The various pilots still fighting all let out a strangled sound through the comms before they go completely dead.

She can see the basestar closing in and she looks for Kas's Viper even though she knows she won't find it.

He punched the CAG in the face the night before during a tense card game and was still in the brig. Kas was gone. He was gone and it hurt so much more than the prospect of her family being killed in the original cylon attacks on the colonies.

"Oh gods, oh gods," She started to chant, shaking.

When she crashed her Viper into the basestar's reactor she prayed she'd see him again.
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Alessa Tatum "Pandora" Adama
TEN reasons Tatum hates Cylons

1. When a race of artificially intelligent beings pretty much wipes out your entire race (save around 50,000 people that you don't know about until you're face to face with one nearly three years later) you get pretty cranky and the hate starts to stir around in your gut like nails sliding across your intestines. You start feeling the white hot anger at those fucking machines boil up inside you. It festers and grows in three years to a point that shooting someone that might be a cylon on sight is not irrational.

2. They tell you that your entire family is dead. Even your father whose always been a little bit like a cockroach. He was just never going to die - but they said he was and then locked you in a cage alone for two months.

3. You sit in a room with a cylon who looks like a principal or a minister or something, older which doesn't make since. Every other cylon you've seen has been beautiful and striking. But this one is just an old man and you sit there staring at him as he asks you questions, sending a bolt of electricity into your body through your head if you don't answer. He makes you reveal all your childhood trauma and how it made you feel. He makes you tell him everything you think and know and see. Talk about experimental psychology.

4. Your best friend, Emma, kills herself but not before she looks at you in complete betrayal and accuses you of being the reason she lost the man she loved. You know it doesn't help that he's next to you with his arm around your shoulders but he's your best friend too and he was yours first. There was no stealing involved.

5. When you find out your brother, sister (because apparently you have one) and father are alive you can't even imagine looking at them or speaking to them. Everything is so jumbled and fucked up in your head because of those fucking cylons and you can't stand to think about them seeing you like this. So you bundle up in blankets in the Brig and sleep with your back to the wall and Kas's head on your lap. You're used to it so its not that uncomfortable anymore.

6. You disarm Helo the moment you see him and Sharon, your hand on his gun, finger on that trigger as you point it at Eight's head. You don't even hesitate to pull the trigger but Helo's shoved your arm up too fast and the blast misses. The cylon lives and you feel like you've died for the thousandth time in the last three years.

7. When they pull you out of the Viper you are still shell shocked from watching your home destroyed. It was your first assignment since you graduated and your one escape from the universe that revolved around your father and the death of your brother. Kas was there and Emma and its gone.

8. The cylons spend two months on your brother and his death. Two months talking about it, remembering looking at the flag covered Coffin. Remembering the weight of Kas's hand in yours and the look on Kara's face. They make you remember the fight between Lee and Dad and how much you screamed at them before you ran out of the room and back to your mothers.

9. They can't get enough of your connection to Kasper. Six is particularly interested in your feelings for him and you don't understand why. You tell her over and over that he's your best friend, that you'd die without him -before you realize you've given her leverage - and that's the extent of your relationship.

10. They make you hate your family more, make you seethe with the anger as you tell the stories of what your mother has done and how much you wish your daddy had just come to save you. How Lee couldn't have been the White Knight.
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Alessa Tatum "Pandora" Adama
26 August 2007 @ 01:43 pm

You're a little bit shy
A little too quiet
You're the mixed up girl
That everybody leaves behind
A little bit weird
A little too bright

But you just might be
That little bomb at their side
They'll pull your hair
They'll leave you wide-eyed
But did anybody wonder
What Annie might have in mind
On, no

There's something in the way she explains to me
"please be careful, I exist in someone else's head"
Oh, no

There's something in the way she makes believe
Please be careful
Annie dreams that everyone is dead

You're a little bit dry
A little up tight
You're the messed up girl
That everybody tries to hide

You've had enough
They're too unkind
But did anyone consider what Annie might have in mind
Oh, no . . .